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Car Accidents/Big Truck Accidents

When your world is turned upside down by a sudden and severe car accident, you need a lawyer who will be working for you. Guerrero Law Offices will fight for you and your family with immediacy and urgency.

Our Dallas, TX, based attorneys will launch an investigation while guiding you through each step. We work relentlessly to ensure that you get fair compensation—the full amount of which reflects the true value of your claim. Insurance companies have a reputation for having their own interests in mind when they make you an offer; our goal is always to secure outcomes favorable for you.

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
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Rebuilding Your Life

We defeat insurance companies to maximize settlements. As your attorneys, we’ll advocate on your behalf now and guide you through future challenges.

Our Confident, Compassionate Lawyers Will Fight for You

Cases We Have Expertise Handling:

  • Serious car accidents
  • Collisions with commercial trucks or big rigs
  • Pedestrians/cyclists who are hit by cars
  • Motorcyclists involved in crashes
  • Accidents involving drugs or alcohol
  • Wrongful death

We Understand the Severity of Your Situation

We ensure you receive compensation for the long-term expenses caused by car accidents.

Justice Seekers Since 1985

In addition to representing car crash victims, Guerrero Law Offices practices personal injury and immigration law.

Immigration Attorney in Dallas, TX

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